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Mooresville, North Carolina

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 Welcome to the Lake Norman Yacht Club

Junior Program Page

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Annual Junior Program Awards Banquet to be held on Saturday, November 15th at 5 pm in the clubhouse!  Please be sure to get your Jefferson Cup logs in to Dawn Mergenthaler ( by Saturday, October 31.  Follow this Jefferson Cup Log link to find  instructions for filling out a Jefferson Cup log.  Because of the short time between when the logs are due and the banquet date, late Jefferson Cup logs will not be accepted.

There’s still time to get in a little more sailing this fall.  We have one last Junior series race scheduled on Saturday, October 25.  There are two more opportunities to sail in the SAYRA Junior Series – October 11-12 in Augusta and November 8-9 at the Midlands Regatta in Columbia.  If you haven’t yet left the lake to sail, the Midlands Regatta is a great first away regatta. 

Many thanks to John Ketner and John McGee for organizing Beginning/ Intermediate Opti training!  The next two sessions are scheduled for Sunday, August 26 from 1-4:30 and Saturday, September 21 from 12-4.
Many of our sailors have been traveling to regional and national events this summer.  Kenny Corsig sailed in the USODA Nationals in Marina Del Mar, CA and placed 5th in the Silver Fleet. Jordan Wiggins sailed the Highlander Nationals at Pymatuning Yacht Club and is the 2014 Highlander Junior National Champion.  Kyle Mergenthaler and Andrew Dodd sailed the Club 420 North Americans at Brant Beach Yacht Club.
Closer to home, many of our Juniors have been making the rounds of SAYRA regattas.
Kelly Milliken and Shaynah True sailing strong at Charleston Yacht Club's SAYRA Regatta

Spring 2014 Green Fleet Clinic with Tom Coleman
The Junior Program's Facebook page is available at  The Junior Program also hasTwitter and Instagram accounts: Twitter: @LNYCJr and  Instagram:  lnycjr
Please join us!

LNYC Junior Series

There are a few changes to the Junior Program Race Series this year for the Laser and 420 fleets.  While the sailors in these fleets have been very active over the past few years, many don't quality in either fleet because of switching between the fleets.  This year's schedule includes a couple of race days/ regattas that are designated as qualifiers for either Lasers or 420s.  To qualify to be scored for the series, you must (1) register as a member of the Junior Program and (2) sail at least 4 events in the same boat, with the same rig (Laser Full, Radial or 4.7), and in the same position (420 skipper or 420 crew).

Date Event/ Class Qualifier Opti Laser Sunfish 420

April 5 Opening Day (420s only)


April 12 All classes 1 1 1 2

April 26-27 Laser/ Sunfish Regatta (Laser/ Sunfish only)
2 2

May 10 All classes 2 3 3 3

May 17 All classes 3 4 4 4

June 20 Sail Camp Friday (all classes) 4 5 5 5

July 5-6 Independence Day Regatta (all classes) 5 6 6 6

August 16 All classes 6 7 7 7

August 30-31 Labor Day Regatta (Opti/ Sunfish/420 only) 7
8 8

September 13 All classes 8 8 9 9

September 27-28 Board Bash, Opti/ Sunfish/ Laser only 9 9 10

October 25 Opti/ Laser/ 420 only 10 10
Click here for the 2014 Junior Series NOR.

  Lynn Stallworth,
  Junior Director   (985) 789-0826

SAYRA Junior Series

SAYRA is the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association which is open to all sailing organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  SAYRA sponsors the SAYRA Junior Series from May of each year through November. The series includes approximately 10-12 regattas hosted by various yacht clubs in the region.  To qualify to be scored for the series, you must join as a SAYRA Jr member -- its free, you just have to provide your birthday, club and contact info. Green Fleet Opti sailors need to sail at least 3 regattas including at least one Fresh Water event and one Saltwater event. RWB Fleet Optis, Lasers and Sunfish must sail at least 4 regattas including at least one Fresh Water event and one Saltwater event.  420 sailors can qualify with just 2 regattas, including one Fresh Water and one Saltwater event.  Note that all the qualifying regattas must be sailed in the same fleet for Optis.  If your birthday falls during the series and you move up to the next fleet, you should "sail up" for the entire series.  Lasers need to sail with the same rig for qualifying regattas and 420 sailors should sail both regattas as either designated skipper or crew. 


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